House Rules

Guest Houses in Kisberény

For the sake of harmonious cooperation, please take 5 minutes to read the rules!

  1. Purpose of the House Rules is to establish cooperation between the guests and the host. It aims to take into consideration the interests and goals of both partners. Accordingly, the host does his best to ensure that the Guest Houses and their environs provide serenity, peacefulness and relaxation for the guests, at the same time the guests keep in mind the expectation of the host of not endangering the safe operation of the houses both on the short and the long run. The guests do their best not to cause any damage during their stay.
  2. Both partners accept that they will find an agreement on issues not regulated in these House Rules.
  3. About the rental conditions of the Guest Houses and the available services you can find detailed information on our website Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email ( or telephone: Mr. Borbély Gábor, manager, cell phone: +36-20-8000-990.
  4. The Guest Houses 'Earth House' and 'Sun House' are located in Petőfi Sándor street 33., 8693 Kisberény, Hungary. You can find a description about them under the menu 'Guest Houses' on the website
  5. The House Rules have to be read, understood and obeyed by every guest during the whole stay.
  6. Only the persons indicated in the booking are allowed to stay in the houses permanently. Guests invited by the renters may stay in the Guest Houses only from 10 A.M. until 10 P.M. Strangers and not checked-in persons are not allowed to overnight in the Guest Houses!
  7. The host has the right to check the number of persons staying in the Guest Houses without prior notification, but with respect of their personality rights.
  8. Smoking, consumption of drugs and too much alcohol, furthermore the use of flammable materials (e.g. tee candles, scented candles, incenses, etc.) are strongly prohibited in the Guest Houses! For the safe usage of the fireplace the person indicated in the booking is financially fully responsible.
  9. When smoking on the terrace or in the yard, the cigarette stubs may not be thrown away, but they have to be collected on the marked place, in the ashtray, and the ashtray with the put out stubs have to be thrown in the green dumpster.
  10. Fire can be lit only on the designated fire pit and after usage the fire has to be totally estinguished. On the fire pit only firewood and paper are allowed to be burnt!
  11. The Guest Houses serve to provide recreation. In the houses and in the yard it is not allowed to make big noise or have a party, neither during the day, nor in the night. To avoid further inconveniences, based on the relevant order of the local municipality, we kindly ask you to comply with this rule.
  12. In the Guest Houses pets are not allowed.
  13. It is prohibited to wash cars in the garden or in the street!
  14. Garbage is collected selectively, so we kindly ask you to place the PET bottles and other disposable utensils in the yellow dumpster. Other domestic wastes have to be thrown in the green dumpster. The green dumpsters are emptied every Wednesday in the morning by the trash company. The dust bins in the Guest Houses are equipped with garbage bags. Empty garbage bags can be found in the kitchen cupboard, under the sink.
  15. You can find cleaning articles and supplies in the bathrooms, when needed.
  16. The Guest Houses are equipped with an alarm system. When you leave the house, please switch it off and keep the entrance gate always closed.
  17. In case the keys get lost, the guests are obliged to inform the host immediately and to reimburse the price of the key(s), respectively the lock replacement. Upon departure the guests are obliged to give back the keys to the host.
  18. The guests have full financial responsibility for all the furnishings, household effects and utensils in the Guest Houses. The Guest Houses can be reordered only with the consent of the host.
  19. For any damage caused by guests through inappropriate use the host has to be compensated by the guest. The person indicated in the booking is fully responsible for the claim settlement.
  20. The host is not liable for any damage or accident, which occurs due to inappropriate use.
  21. The host is not liable for any valuables left in the Guest Houses. Should the guests by chance leave any personal belonging in the Guest House, we will send it after them against payment of the postal charges.
  22. Parking: the Guest Houses have a common entrance both for persons and vehicles, so the guests are kindly asked to keep this in mind and to assure the free access.
  23. On the date of departure the guests have to leave the Guest Houses not later than 11 A.M., so that our colleagues can clean and tidy up the houses.
  24. We meet our guests on the day of arrival between 3 P.M. and 6 P.M. If this period is not suitable we will agree. Upon arrival the guests are obliged to show their identification documents (name, address) to the host, so that he can register the data in the guestbook.
  25. A payment can be made only against an invoice, via bank transfer or in cash.
  26. The guests can occupy the Guest Houses only after paying the full rent, and according to the relevant order of the municipality, the payment of the full amount of the tourist tax.
  27. The booking can be cancelled in writing without consequences at least 2 weeks before arrival. If the booking is cancelled on the 14th day or within 14 days, then we will not pay back the deposit, but in case of a later booking (within 1 year) we can include it in the price.
  28. We can accept only written bookings, where at least one responsible person and his personal data (name, address, ID number) is named. This person is responsible for the cooperation and for the obedience of the House Rules. The written demand for the booking will be confirmed by us within 24 hours and with this we guarantee the availability of the accomodation.
  29. The booking takes place on our website, via our online booking system. The booking will be completed by the acceptance of our House Rules and the transferring of 30 per cent of the full rent.
  30. The minimum rental period of the Guest Houses is 3 nights. The minimum rent is calculated for 4 persons. Both Guest Houses are euipped for 5 + 1 persons, extra bed(s) may not be installed.
  31. Services included in the price:
  • public utility charges, electricity, water, and other overheads, 
  • except heating costs
  •  bed, bedclothes, bed linen per person; in case of a stay longer than 7 days, turndown service on the 8th day
  • usage of kitchen utensils and eco cleaning products (
  • free WIFI (password at the takeover of the keys)
  • usage of TV and the Hifi in the living-room- usage of bathroom equipment, towels
  • usage of the terrace, garden furniture and parasols
  • storage for bikes, in the garage
  • usage of baby highchair when needed
  • usage of the backyard.
As our existence, health and peace in the village are ensured by nature, we ask our guests to take this into account. Please protect your environment and the nature as much as you can, so that the coming generations can also enjoy and learn from it. Leave everything behind as you would like to see it the next time you come!

Operator of guesthouses:

SZÍRIUSZ FÉNYE Nonprofit R and D Ltd.
H-8693 KISBERÉNY, Petőfi Sándor street 48.
tax number: EU23809518
Wise EUR: IBAN BE36 9672 6611 1681
company registration number: 14-09-312295
NTAK: EG19022346