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Dear Visitor,

If you have had enough of city noise and you are longing for peace and serenity, come and stay for a while in one of our Guest Houses in Kisberény!


My Village, 
The one I live in, 
and the one that lives in me.

Pretty birds, 
The whistle of the squirrels
The blowing wind, 
The smell of grass, 
And -
This spicy earth.
The sky so big, 
so full of shifting clouds
and then those clouds
creep -
over the fields...
making the green, 

The sun smile at my village, 
The moon laugh with my village, 
The stars live in my village...
The mornings 
with the whole day waiting
full of promise
The nights
so quiet
filled with expectations and dreams...

My village
the one I live in, 
and the one that lives in me... 

You are warmly welcome, we are looking forward to having you as our guest!