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About the Guest Houses

The Guest Houses used to be owned by a retired couple living in Germany. The Szíriusz Fénye Ltd. bought the real estate in April 2019 in order to receive guests who wish to rest, relax and experience a countryside where nature is within arm's reach.

The two, separate Guest Houses were built in different times and styles.


Guest House Kisberény “Earth House” (5+1 persons): dsc_0993.jpg

The floor space is 108 square metres, the thick walls were built of adobe about 80 years ago. During the renovation the German owner combined the old simpleness with modern construction materials. In the house there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living-room, a dining room and a well-equipped, modern kitchen.

The climate of the Earth House is in the summer ideal, because the thick walls warm up just slowly and so the temperature is always nice in the house. There is no need for energy consuming air conditioning. In the winter the walls work in a similar way: once they have been heated up, you only need to preserve the enjoyable temperature. Come and try it!


Guest House Kisberény “Sun House” (5+1 persons): dsc_0986.jpg

Behind the previously renovated house the ex-owner built another comfortable, modern and fully equipped house with 155 square metres. The two-story house has a garage, a fully equipped, American kitchen, a comfortable living-room, a dining room with a closed terrace, and on the second floor three bedrooms, a bathroom, a sauna and a balcony.

We mostly recommend the house for those, who wish to spend their holidays in Kisberény in perfect comfort.

As the Guest Houses stand on the same premises, but still separately, they are ideal for a common vacation of befriended families.

The two, fully equipped Guest Houses in Kisberény are open throughout the year for guests and families, who seek after calmness and serenity.

As our existence, health and peace in the village are ensured by nature, we ask our guests to take this into account. Please protect your environment and the nature as much as you can, so that the coming generations can also enjoy and learn from it. Leave everything behind as you would like to see it the next time you come!

Thank you, Mother Earth



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